Sugar Update


Happy_Sugar10/8/2011 - Good news for Sugar! 

Sugar is so much a part of the family and my life that I have officially adopted her!  I couldn't imagine her going anywhere, and she has settled in here as much as her previous life will allow.  

She has come a long way in the 10 months that she has been with me as a foster. Though Sugar doesn't interact much with my other wire, she follows me and comes running down the stairs when she hears my voice. Sugar is still terrified of other people but has been a little less fearful of my housemate Mike, which is huge progress for her.

I have never attempted to teach her the basics such as sit, down or stay since her puppy mill life has greatly effected her. I am just thrilled that she has learned to trust me and gives me kisses sometimes.


Thanks for loving Sugar, Lucie!  The work you've done with her and the behaviorist have made a difference for this scared little girl.  She's now got a chance at a life where she can love and trust someone.  We know as the days turn into years, she'll open up more.  Thank you for having the heart to give such a Special Needs girl a forever home.

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