Please Pray for Doug



UPDATE 4/12/11: 11:00 a.m. CST:  I got a call from Dr. Stiller, the resident on Doug's case at the U of M.  Let's all take a nice, deep breath - but so far, the news is optimistic!  I'm not saying we're out of the woods, but it's much better than I'd hoped.

  1. His PCV is up to 26% which is good.  Normal is 37 - 55%, but Doug was at 15% twelve hours ago.
  2. His CBC is showing a "very regenerative" response - which means he is producing red cells
  3. He seems more alert, but tired.  But then, who sleeps well in the hospital, right?
  4. The anemia seems to be consistant with a chronic blood loss (possibly an ulcer in his stomach or GI system)

The go-forward plan for today:

Basically - I am relieved that there is hope today that I didn't feel last night.  I called Edi immediately and she is so relieved.  I also called his "Go-To-Girls" Dr. Judi and Dr. Lindsay and they were both very happy to hear the news.  They'll both stay on top of things, but we've got texts, emails and phone calls flying in every direction.  Nobody wants to give up on Doug after he's come this far!


... for all of the good thoughts, karma, prayers and wishes.  Doug has no idea just how deeply and widely he's loved in this world.  And a HUGE THANK YOU to everyone who has contributed to his care since this news broke.  You people ROCK like no others!  I know he'll be running up some bills for the further testing and medications and hospitalization - but you guys deserve to give yourselves the hugs I wish we could give you for helping make it possible to try to save this dog. 

We're not out of the woods yet.  We still don't know what caused this anemia to happen, and we know it could still be bad news - but we're guardedly optimistic.

Doug is a miracle.  No doubt about it.

~More updates later today....

Please pray for Doug. After having such a good day Sunday, Doug became somewhat lethargic Monday. He just wasn't being his happy, active self.  Edi took him to the vet and they called me to tell me his red blood cell count had dropped dangerously low. After consulting with Dr. Judi Funk and Dr. Lindsay Merkel, the decision was made to rush him down to the University of Minnesota Vet hospital where he is tonight in the very capable hands of Dr. Todd, getting a blood transfusion and a few more tests.

We aren't sure at this point what we are dealing with and won't know till they run more specialized tests tomorrow after he's stabilized. He needs your prayers and good thoughts tonight. He's come too far to have this happen now.  The hearts of all who have met him are breaking tonight and a lot of tears are being shed.  But not Doug.  He was brave, happy, and just his usual oh-so-very-sweet self the entire time.  He is beyond amazing, and my greatest hope is that he will once again overcome the odds and show us just how strong he is.

In the mean time, please pray to whatever God you pray to, send whatever good thoughts you can muster, and cross every finger and toe that you have that Doug will persevere and come out of this.

Please be patient with us dealing with him.  We will update here and Facebook as we know more, but realize that this is a very difficult and emotional time for us.

4/12/11 A.M. Doug update: I know that not hearing anything is as hard as worrying.  I wanted to let you know that I didn't get any calls over night, so at least he is not worse. I am astounded by the extreme outpouring of love and support for this dog. Thanks to those of you who have donated to his care in the past and again last night and today - without you, we wouldn't have the option of even trying to help him. I'll update as soon as I hear anything.

Thank you!

If you'd like to help pay for Doug's blood transfusions and tests, please click the "Donate" button below and donate what you can via PayPal.  Or mail your donation toKathy Lauer, American Fox Terrier Rescue Treasurer, 8738 Prestwick Parkway, Brooklyn Park, MN 55443.  Remember, your donation is tax deductible.