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Past Urgent Needs Dogs

Past urgent needs dogs

Lily Update: Lily Still Needs Your Help

lil-carLily Update- Monday 9/10:


Lily continues to progress.  She ate her food from her bowl this morning without having to be hand fed.  She coughs some when she first gets up from overnight sleeping or longer naps, but it's less harsh.  Out on leash, she's remembered that chipmunks lurk in our front rock wall, and is starting to get interested in looking for them again.  As from before, she's good with her foster brother Scout, and thinks car rides are fine.

Thanks to our donors, we're 40% of the way to paying for Lily's little "spa trip" (that's what we're telling her it was...!).  It was a close call, but thankfully she's a trooper and ready to feel 100% and give those chipmunks a run for their money!  Thank you ALL for your support and love for this lucky little girl!


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Lily Update: Lily Is Feeling Better!

lily_yardLily Update- Monday 9/17:


Lily continues to progress.  She's feeling MUCH better and eating her food, gaining more strength and stamina and just showing what a tuff girl she is.

Thanks to our donors, we're 45% of the way to paying for Lily's emergency care.  It was a close call, but she's bounced back with the usual Terrier spirit.Thank you ALL for your support and love for this lucky little girl!

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EMERGENCY: Lily Needs Your Help

lilly2Lily is a beautiful 5 year-old female wire who is fighting for her life. Just a week ago when lily came into rescue she was an active, healthy girl. While her foster mom was out of town and Lily was being boarded, she presented with a high fever of 105 and was coughing up white foam. She was unresponsive and rushed to the emergency vet who put her on IV fluids and antibiotics and oxygen. 

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Charley_and_BozleyBozley is a handsome 4 year old Wire Fox Terrier American Fox Terrier Rescue rescued from a nightmarish hoarding situation in Missouri. Picked up with his pal, Charley, Bozley adapted well to living in a home environment.

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Pup-Date: Bozley - Post Surgery

Bad_Boz6/7/2011 (As always, click on any picture for a larger view!) Pup-date:  Summer is proving to busy for everyone, so we're trying to keep things updated - but vacations and graduations and life cut into everyone's time. So here goes with the latest couple of weeks of Boz-dom:

Yes, Bozzy continues to keep everyone on their toes.  With his extreme talent in cage climbing, he's going to have to go to a home that can appreciate his quirks and talents!  He's doing well, and stayed with another rescue person for a week while Ilonka was out of town and did well.  After she got back, the physical therapy portion of his life began.  He has started going for short walks to use the leg and is doing well.  He's met other dogs on his walks and has been nice to them. 

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