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Deciding to Rehome Your Dog

AquinnahAmerican Fox Terrier Rescue's primarily goal is to save Fox Terriers in animals shelters. Depending on how busy a region's group is, the group can take dogs from individual homes. Talk to the nearest American Fox Terrier Rescue volunteer and see what their situation is. If both of you agree that the best solution is for American Fox Terrier Rescue to take your dog, then you will need to get the dog to the group. Rescue never "buys" a dog. You must be willing to sign over ownership to the Rescue group. Then they will take on the responsibility of caring for your dog and seeing that it gets into a good home.

Rescue groups are always in need of donations in order to care for and house dogs given up. As all rescue dogs are always altered before placement, that cost can also be added on. It is helpful and appreciated if the owner neuters or spays the dog first or is willing to donate the cost.

American Fox Terrier Rescue groups will keep any Fox Terrier that they take into rescue for as long as it takes to find that "right" home for it. Food and everyday care can add up. The dog will be safe and will find a good home.

It is better for an experienced rescue person to place the dog than for the individual to do it. Our people are trained in how to find the best possible home for the dog. How to screen prospective adopters and what questions to ask. This helps to ensure your dog a good home.

Hopefully we can help both you and your Fox Terrier.

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