Monday, August 02, 2021

EMERGENCY: Lily Needs Your Help

lilly2Lily is a beautiful 5 year-old female wire who is fighting for her life. Just a week ago when lily came into rescue she was an active, healthy girl. While her foster mom was out of town and Lily was being boarded, she presented with a high fever of 105 and was coughing up white foam. She was unresponsive and rushed to the emergency vet who put her on IV fluids and antibiotics and oxygen. 


lily_in_hospitalIt was clear that she had pneumonia, but what else? The vet did x-rays and a battery of bloodwork and other tests. The thought originally was that Lily may have megasophagus but they would have to wait a day for an internist to see her—meanwhile, they just worried about keeping this baby girl alive.  The following day the internist’s evaluated lily ruled out megasophagus but concluded that Lily’s protein, kidney and liver panel numbers were all over the place. She is being screened for possible Addison’s disease. Another thought is that Lily potentially contracted a highly contagious and especially virulent form of the flu that has been affecting dogs in her area. 

Lily3What we do know for sure is that Lily is making progress, however slow. She is now able to get up and stand for short periods and she is beginning to cough up some of the stuff in her lungs. We also know that her vet bills are about $3,000 to date, but Lily is worth it. As a young, otherwise healthy and friendly wire fox, she is going to bring a lot of joy to some lucky family when she is given her shot at the good life. 

Update: 09/06/2012

Lily is doing quite a bit better.  The clinic called Lily's foster Mom yesterday because she didn't like the bland wet food they have there and were trying to get her to take her meds orally and wanted to know if she could bring boiled chicken and white rice.  While Eva's work schedule wouldn't allow her to get there in time with it, her wonderful friend, Patti, went home and fixed up some chicken.  Lily decided that was great and really liked it.  They called later and her cortisol level is okay, not consistant with Addisons, which is good.  She's not perfect by a long shot, but she was able to come home this evening.  If all goes well, she will be taking a number of medications and will get plenty of TLC. 

Lily's care was quite expensive, +$3,300.00.  Because of our great supporters, we were able to cover this emergency so that Lily can recover and eventually move on to a new forever home.

Please support American Fox Terrier Rescue so that we can care for Lily and others like her. Make a tax deductible donation today via the Paypal form below, or click the link below to find a mailing address. 

Let's give this girl a chance at the life she’s always dreamed of!

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