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For Shelters

Identifying What You Have

If you are an animal shelter or animal control facility and believe that you have a Wire Fox Terrier or Smooth Fox Terrier, we want to help. As there are several related breeds that are often mistaken for fox terriers, we ask that you take a moment to look at our page describing the different breeds.

Those breeds are the Rat Terrier, Toy Fox Terrier, the Jack Russell Terrier, and the Lakeland Terrier. We have links to these other breed rescue groups, and this should help you to identify the dog in your possesion.

Contacting American Fox Terrier Rescue


If you have a Wire or a Smooth you can either contact us directly or you can check our listing of American Fox Terrier Rescue groups and see who is nearest to you.


If for any reason that person can't help you, please contact American Fox Terrier Rescue at their toll free phone number: 888-FOX-TERR

Both the Wire and Smooth are difficult dogs to place. They have a very high energy level and are not usually good with other animals. Nor do we recommend them with small children.

As our rescue workers have experience with the breed, we always appreciate it when a shelter will let us help. That way everyone wins!

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