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UPDATE: Merry Christmas from Blaze

UPDATE DECEMBER 14, 2011 - The Gift of Blaze: (as always, click on any image for a larger view):

Christmas_BlazeBlaze has made so much progress in the past few weeks, it’s just amazing. I wish so much that all of you who have followed her story could see her now. She’s finally living the life she has always deserved but did not have for so many years.

Blazie and I went to see Dr. Angela Mees, who performed her oral surgery, for her one-month check-up. The Miracle Girl has done it again!!

Dr. Mees says the fistulas are completely healed and, against all odds, Blaze’s mouth is in great shape. She is now released as a patient, though we will continue to go for six month check-ups just to keep an eye on the situation. I’m so proud of her and in such awe of her strength and will to recover.

What a doll baby she is. On the way up to Roswell where Dr. Mees’s office is, traffic stopped dead. It took us an hour and a half to go the distance that usually takes 30 minutes because of a terrible accident on the highway.  But Miss Blazie slept serenely all the way there, wrapped in her flannel baby blanket in the passenger seat. She’s totally wonderful in the car – the minute we hit the road she goes fast asleep, unlike other members of this unruly pack who are awful in the car.

I am very pleased to report that progress is made in the prosecution of her former owners. While I can’t discuss details here, I CAN promise you that we are in the process of doing everything necessary in order to make sure that they do not get away with their despicable treatment of this darling little dog, who did not suffer just brief illness of old age, but years and years of pain and suffering as she got progressively worse from simple ailments that could have easily been solved had they been treated in a timely and humane manner. The arraignment of the former owners should come sometime after the first of the year; if it goes to trial, which it may if they decide to contest the charges, that won’t happen until mid- February. My neighbor across the street is a dog loving lawyer who knows Blaze and knows the long and tragic story of her abuse. She has offered to be at the arraignment and to do whatever necessary pro bono. We plan to ask for the maximum legal fine for these people, as well as recompense for all Blazie’s veterinary bills, which, if awarded to us, will go back to American Fox Terrier Rescue’s treasury to help save other terriers in need.

This is my and American Fox Terrier Rescue 's crusade, now that Blazie is mostly well. Safe to say that by the time this case is finished, the DeKalb County Sheriff’s Department (and Blaze’s former owners, of course) will be very glad to see us go away…

We had a great Thanksgiving with friends who came and brought their two dogs, including Jake who is our Moose’s BFF and pal. Jake, a darling mixed breed boy, was instantly smitten with Blazie and would throw himself on his back and wag and squirm every time she came near him. Since Jake is about 45 lbs. and she is tiny next to him, this was very sweet..

Blaze is so social now, so eager to be a part of all the action – especially in the kitchen when food is happening – (as you can see from this photo, she has begging down to a fine art) and her personality is just sparkling forth.


She races around outside, runs up and down the steps, and is having fun, perhaps for the first time in her life. While she still isn’t much interested in toys, I am encouraging her to learn to play in other ways and her favorite thing now is to chase me up and down the long hallway in our house (good exercise for both of us), which I learned by chance one day while running for the phone. If I stop running, she looks up at me like “now what?” She leans on me, sits in my lap, gazes into my eyes, loves me (and everyone) back with such a lack of reserve or fear. This is something I honestly never thought would happen when I first saw her, poor little death camp refugee who seemed to have no hope, no light, no response left to give.

Our darling girl is still an old dog… she spends lots of time sleeping in her cushy dog bed in my office while I work, or in bed beside me while I watch TV and read, which is where she is now, dreaming and twitching her little feet on her furry leopard binkie. She eats huge meals and gets lots of treats, and weighed a zaftig 15.8 lbs. at Dr. Mess’s office today. Her coat is shiny and her muscle tone is much improved from the exercise she gets. She is adored by my two other seniors, Nancy and Moose, and they are quite content in each other’s constant company.

My holiday wish is that I could share Blazie with all of you so that you could know her and be blessed, as I have been, by her undaunted strength, by her lesson of unrelenting hope, and by the power of her love. I know I am a better person for this experience and there are not enough words to thank all of you who have sent your money, prayers, love, endless encouragement, gifts and treats. YOU have made this possible and what a celebration this is!

Please, please continue your support for Fox Terrier Rescue. It has made such a difference in Blaze’s life and will make the same difference for many other terriers to come.

Happy holidays and much love from Blazie and me.


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