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UPDATE: Blaze Second Mouth Surgery

UPDATE OCTOBER 17, 2011 - BLAZE THE MIRACLE GIRL WINS ANOTHER ROUND: (as always, click on any image for a larger view)

Snuggle1First, she’s fine.
Second, the surgery was worse than anticipated. What they thought was an opening of the bad fistula on the right side of her face (where it had abscessed through) turned out not to be the only problem – the fistula on the right had also re-opened, so that had to be fixed as well.

Dr. Angela Mees is the veterinary dentist who did Blazie’s surgery today. When we got there, Blaze struggled pretty frantically when Dr. Mees tried to look in her mouth, so she said she would just call me when she got Blaze asleep and was able to assess the whole thing.

In addition to the two open fistulas, Blaze had roots of two broken off teeth on the bottom left (before her rescue) that had to be removed, plus two abscessed pre-molars on the bottom right that had to come out. Dr. Mees also had to take out one of the top molars on the right side to make enough room to close the fistula there. Some of this we knew about from her first oral surgery. She was under anesthesia for 3 ½ hours that day, her upper mandible broke and they simply had to make a call about how far to go at once.

Good news for today is that Blaze was able to keep all her canines and still has enough molars to chew most anything within reason.

Dr. Mees fixed everything:  removed scar tissue from her nasal cavity and cheek, actually repaired the wound on her cheek from outside, took out the bad teeth and roots and cleaned up the abscesses. It was another 3 hours of surgery today. Dr. Mees says that since Blaze’s mouth was chronically bad for so long, there is always a risk that the repair on these fistulas will not hold, but says she thinks they have a good chance since she did such an aggressive tissue repair. She says that this is not something that they can continue to do; so we must really hope and pray that these repairs hold.

They called me to tell me Blaze could come home, but when I got there they were still trying to wake her up. Dr. Mees is another one of those people you can’t believe you’re lucky enough to encounter. She actually called and got her husband to pick up her child and put off her evening in anticipation of staying late in case Blaze did not wake up well. Dr. Mees and I sat together with Blaze for a while, then I decided to just see if I could get her to stand up – when I picked her up and stood her on her feet, she recognized me and finally woke up enough to walk around some, though she was really groggy. She slept all bundled up in my lap all the way home. Really lucky she’s such a good girl in the car – rush hour was a BITCH today – two trips up and back on GA 400 in the rain. Insanity.


Blazie has another Fentanyl patch for pain and her face was numbed up as well, so Dr. Mees says that if she wants to sleep the night through, just let her. I took her outside when we got home but she just walked in disoriented circles and did not pee or anything.  We’ll try it again later after she’s slept some more. She is having bloody discharge from her nose, which I was told to expect, but her wheezing and weird breathing have stopped since the hole into her nasal cavity was repaired, so that’s great.

Here she is in my bed, cuddled up in lots of plush binkies (as we call them) sleeping right next to me. Moose and Nancy are also keeping us company in bed.  It’s cold and windy in Atlanta, so this is where we all need to be! She’s stirring a little every now and then, but not ready to wake up quite yet.


I’ll feel better when she’s awake and alert, does her business outside and eats, which is her favorite thing to do. I’m sure she will be fine (everybody keeps telling me that). She’s the toughest little dog I’ve ever seen.

Thanks so much for everyone’s good karma, thoughts, prayers, wishes, love. Blazie has been amazingly strong so far and I’m really hoping she can do it again. More tomorrow,


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