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UPDATE: Blaze: Saturday 10-08-11 Visit

UPDATE OCTOBER 11, 2011: (as always, click on any image for a larger view)

Dirty_nose2On a beautiful sunny Saturday Holly and I visited Blaze…what an astounding recovery she is making! Holly was walking her around the big green side yard of the clinic when I arrived and she was intent on those treats as usual. In the videos you can see how well she is walking, and her ribs are not showing anymore.

She has much more energy and is curious about her surroundings and other dogs.


She actually ran up to Holly when she arrived….what an amazing difference. We think she may never have been petted or cuddled and is loving it. When Holly rubs her ears she makes a purr/groan and you can see how when Holly scratches her, she just collapses into it.

I had brought more cookies to fill up “Blaze’s Basket” for the staff, and I swear they came pouring out of the back when I arrived.  It seems such little appreciation for all they have done for her, but there are no words or gifts or... anything we can do or say to convey the level of appreciation we and people across the country have for these people and their love and care of this poor little girl. 

It's so rewarding to see her this way.  Seeing the videos almost makes you forget how far she's come.  Compare how she looks now to just how awful she looked when she came to us (below), and it really, truly will hit home to everyone how much "a village" can do to save a living being in need.

blaze_top  blaze_side

Everyone gave a little - a little time.  A little prayer.  A little support.  A little hope.  A little money.  And the Doctors and techs and everyone at Ansley clinic gave A LOT!  And together, we made this happen. 

We think Blaze may be discharged the end of next week as long as she keeps packing on the pounds. Hooray for Blaze!!!  More to come later in the week when Holly gets back... Stay tuned!!  And everyone - pat yourselves on the back and smile, and give your own pets and people an extra hug today in honor of Blaze.


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