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UPDATE: Blaze: 10-04-11 Visit

UPDATE OCTOBER 4, 2011: (as always, click on any image for a larger view)

Baby_BlazeAnother amazing Blazie day... Here she is out in the sun, lying in Jenn's arms like a baby, all relaxed. Jenn was holding her to show me her wound which still looks pretty scary, though it is healing fine.

Had a great talk with Dr. Brandley tonight. Blazie should get her stitches out Tuesday or Wednesday next week and then can come home to recuperate here at what my friend, Trace, calls “Camp Holly” or sometimes “Chez Terrier” (pronounced “shay terriay”). They will do another round of blood work and some other tests before she leaves, and she’ll go back every few days to be checked.

Although we don’t really know how old Blaze is, Dr. Brandley thinks at least 10 or 12. One thing we’ve noticed is that she can’t hear; we’ve clapped our hands, whistled and made banging noises over the course of the past couple of months to no avail, plus she sleeps undisturbed right through all the barking in the kennel. Dr. Brandley says she’s examined her ears and nothing is physically wrong – it’s just old age stuff.

While it’s inconvenient because she can’t hear you talking to her or calling her, it’s not something we can’t deal with. My darling Maggie was totally deaf by the time she died at 18. She lived at least the last 4 or 5 years of her life with diminished, then no, hearing. In a way, this was sort of good, since Maggie was terrified of thunder, fireworks and other loud noises and when she became deaf, she no longer heard them. My Moose, who is 13, now has diminished hearing. I have to clap my hands to get him to hear me, but he doesn’t seem to suffer for lack of sound. He’s a goofy, happy kind of guy. He can hear the other dogs barking, so joins in with vigor when they do, sometimes going on long after they’ve stopped. Kind of funny. It’s too bad Blazie can’t hear all the baby talk the techs lavish on her non-stop, but I know she feels their love anyway.

Can’t believe she’ll finally be able to leave the clinic toward the end of the week next week. It’s been over two months now – she thinks she lives there and has settled into the routine and the loving care of the techs so well that honestly I’m a little bit afraid of moving her away from the people who love and care for her. And I’m sure she’ll miss her BFF, Elliott, the big fat black kennel cat. Elliott, BTW, is 14 years old and a total food freak. He’s figured out that I have the gummy dog treats for Blaze, so now he comes hustling every time he sees me. I broke down and gave him several today which he ate with gusto.

We are still waiting for results of the pathology on the tumor so please funnel all the prayers and powerful thoughts for good news. So much of her future depends on this.

We’ll start looking for the perfect forever home for this darling pretty soon. “Forever” may not be a very long time since Blazie is old and has had to battle such huge health problems, but our goal for her is to have her adored and well cared for as long as she lives, however long that may be.

More tomorrow.



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