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Ivan (previously Toby)

toby1Toby wasn't very different from many of the Fox Terriers who come to American Fox Terrier Rescue .

Health issues, a sad circumstance and a Fox Terrier who definitely didn't have a bouncy Fox Terrier 'tude.


Here was Toby when he first left is owner’s apartment shows a dog with obvious health problems and without proper grooming.  Besides badly infected eyes and respiratory infections, Toby was significantly underweight, had a severe cough, and had mild seizure activity prompting concerns of epilepsy … or worse.

Having survived near starvation, infections and the after effects of neglect (his elderly owner was unable to care for him properly),Toby was placed in a loving American Fox Terrier Rescue foster home.  His foster Mom, Lisa, advocated for his health.  She ensured that he had quality food and clean water, exercise, play time and plenty of love.  During his rehabilitation, Lisa made a wonderful video showing his gentle soul and happy nature.

It took some time for him to heal physically and emotionally however Toby’s health and appearance dramatically improved.  He started to look and act like a Foxie — a bit of attitude, a lot of playfulness and a whole lot of loving.

toby-njToday, Ivan (once Toby), is a happy dog with a tail that vibrates like a hummingbird.  He lives in a NYC dog-friendly building and walks to work every day where he spends his day snoozing on the sofa and being petted by clients.

Ivan’s medical bills were paid for by donations to American Fox Terrier Rescue, Inc.  To be sure we can help the next “Ivan,” please make a donation today

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