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Lily came to us Heartworm positive.  She was a sad little dog that required weeks of very intense and painful treatment, followed by confinement so that she wouldn't dislodge any heartworms, which can kill a dog.

Lily was an owner surrender to a shelter in south Mississippi. Her owners told the shelter they were moving to a place that did not allow dogs. The shelter contacted American Fox Terrier Rescue and told us that Lily was HW positive and they were not equipped to treat her. I agreed to take her, and convinced a friend that was headed this way to bring her to me.

She was 4 years old, not yet spayed, and running wild at the end of the leash. I brought her to my house and she was running like crazy, like she was just trying to get away. I finally laid down in the floor, and she belly crawled over to me, and rolled onto her back, and it was love from that moment. I got her spayed the next week, and she needed a dental pretty badly, so we did that at the same time. Then we started the HW treatment - two months of confinement.

The sad reality is that Heartworm is so easily prevented.  Just one pill a month and Lily would not have had to go through the long and painful recovery process.

Lily has done wonderfully and is now on her way to being adopted into a forever home, but her treatment was expensive.  Lily’s medical treatment was made possible by donations to American Fox Terrier Rescue  

Can you help us so we can help the next little fox terrier in need? Please donate today.

Lily says "Thanks to everyone for their support!"  She wants you to know that she is very happy to be going on to live a full, happy and healthy life in a home where she will be forever cherished!



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