Thursday, March 04, 2021

Day 3 Update

Baths, baths and more baths!  The last set of the Missouri 11 got their "day at the spa" for baths, dipping, nail clipping, and all-around fluff 'n buff!  PAWS told us that a previous adopter, Julie, came in to adopt a kitten.  She saw how busy they were with the fox terriers and decided to hang around and pitch in with baths and grooming!  Who says there aren't Angels out there?  The fox terriers all did wonderfully and are now fluffy and clean and waiting for their trips to the vet for shots, physicals and spays and neuters.

The eldest of the group, a 9 year old male, has an issue with his throat.  He's got an appointment on Monday at University of Missouri - Columbia College of Veterinary Medicine to see what's going on with him.  Bev, one of the many wonderful PAWS volunteers will be taking him in and will let us know his prognosis.  If you can help defer the cost of his visit, he'd be very grateful, and so would we!

The puppy mill owner claims she bought the 9 year old three years ago, but didn't say where she got him from.  He could have been someone's pet.  There is no way of knowing.  This is one more reason why you should never sell or give away an intact dog if you can no longer keep them.  You just don't know where they could end up.

Keep checking the slide show at the top of the page.  As the story progresses, more photos will be added telling the story. 

Thanks, Carol, for the great photos and updates!

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