Monday, August 02, 2021


heidi3_mediumHeidi was left in an overnight drop box in early June near Raleigh, NC. Her physical condition and lack of socialization are strong evidence that this sweet little Foxie was a prisoner in a puppy mill - forced to bear litter after litter.

Her first vet appointment revealed that two of her canine teeth had been removed and two filed down. At only 4-6 years old, her teeth need cleaning and she needs to have a tooth extracted likely due to the poor diet she had for much of her life.  While her eyes were clean and bright and her body weight good, her little body was covered with tick bites – 40 to 50 of them – that were infected.  She wasn’t spayed and the vet found 6 mammary tumors, likely caused by years of over breeding and nursing, ranging from the size of an apricot to one about the size of the tip of a thumb.

American Fox Terrier Rescue, Inc. can’t undo the trauma of her earlier life however we can be sure that she receives quality veterinary care and is placed in a wonderful forever home.

Heidi Update:
Go Heidi Go!!!!!

Heidi is making good progress adapting life in her first ever home environment. Her leash manners are much improved and she’s engaging her foster terrier siblings in play. She’s also discovered that an empty Tupperware container is a GREAT toy.

Her surgery was just last week and her recovery has gone well. Like most surgical patients, she’s gotten extra special care for the first few days and nights. Heidi’s been alert and wanting to play – typical Foxie girl. Her foster mom, Linda, says she’s the “most resilient terrier I’ve ever seen.”  The frosting on the cake is that we received the happy news that every one of the six mammary tumors was benign! What happy news!!!!

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