Monday, September 27, 2021

UPDATE: The Latest News From Blaze


My heart breaks to have to tell you that our beloved Miracle Girl may have finally run out of miracles.

There have been a couple of months of ongoing urinary tract infections which antibiotics have not been able to cure, declining appetite and general worsening cognitive issues. Last week we decided it was time to see if there was something else going on that was the basis for her symptoms. Her wonderful veterinarian, Dr. Melissa Brandley, suggested more tests to find out and started with a chest x-ray. This showed a nodule in Blazie’s left lung that was not there last May during her routine check-up. Melissa thought we should go forward with a diagnostic ultra sound to see if the chest nodule was the primary site or metastasis from another site.


So, the ultra sound was done on Friday morning at Georgia Veterinary Specialists. They found no masses anywhere in her belly or chest, however, found significant irregular thickening of the lining of her stomach which, combined with the node in her lungs and considering her age, is most likely cancer. They said they could do an endoscopy during which they could retrieve cells for testing, but that this test would require her to be asleep and would only be a confirmation, not a solution, so they did not recommend it. While there is no official diagnosis, the combination of things (especially in the lung) indicates that Blazie has cancer, probably originating in the lining of her stomach.

There is no treatment for this, of course, and even if there were, it would not be right for a dog who will be 16 in April and has had a past fraught with illness and neglect. She is more frail now from the weight loss and probably from the discomfort, though she still amazes us with her terrier toughness – tried to bite Danny again this morning when he shoved by her – so she is still very much herself and fighting on like she always has.

She has been given a drug to help coat the lining of her stomach to help her feel more like eating, another drug to prevent nausea and diarrhea, another drug to stimulate her appetite, another one to help bladder control at night. The medicines have kicked in to my relief (and hers, no doubt) and she is eating a bowl of chicken dog food with gusto as we speak. This is a huge improvement over her refusal to eat anything but meat flavored baby food out of jars – and not much of that – for the past week or so. She’s drinking water and keeping to her usual routine and does not seem to be in pain. Our goal is to keep her comfortable for as long as possible but there really is no way of knowing how long she has or how this will go at this point. What I do know is that Blaze is the toughest little dog I’ve ever known and if I have learned anything in my cherished time with her, it is to NEVER underestimate her will to live. I know she will let me know when it’s time and I will absolutely do the right thing for her, even though the grief of losing her is crushing following so closely on the heels of losing my beloveds, Nancy and Moosie, just last month.

The sun is out this morning in Atlanta, finally. Birds are chirping to announce the very early spring. Blazie is hanging out with Neo in my office, teasing him by acting like she wants his rawhide, which she doesn’t. She’s sipping water from her bowl and looking at herself in the mirror. She’s had a second breakfast and a nap and her meds and things are okay for now.

I will post updates on her condition as things change since I know many of you will want to know. We so appreciate your prayers, good wishes and powerful thoughts and send them back with our love.


Holly  & Blazie

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