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Hello everyone! It’s ME, Blaze!!

Mom says with so many things going on out in the big world and in our own small one, as well, she didn't want me to forget to help her share a little bit of bright shining happiness for everyone’s holiday cheer.

4BlazeSickWow, what a life I’m having! I’ve been in my new home almost a year and a half now. Even though I was very sick and very sad when Mom got me away from the bad people,  I was determined to beat the odds and look at me now!



Look how shiny and thick my coat is now! Mom calls me chubby since I went from 9 lbs. when I was sick to over 18 lbs. now… but who cares? I love treats, know exactly what time meals are, get bites of great stuff Mom is eating all the time (I love pizza crust). Mom says I am 15 ½ years old now, but that doesn’t mean anything to me. All I know is that I have a great life and feel terrific!

My mouth is all healed from the two big operations I had to have to fix my teeth and jaw and I can chew anything I want now. And you can’t even see the scar on my tummy where that awful big tumor was!

7BlazeCoversSometimes I’m a little confused, but never too worried about anything because I know Mom or Moose or Neo or Danny are somewhere near. I love going outside and have been running so much that my back and my rear legs have built up muscle and strength I never had because the bad people shut me up in that bathroom for so long. Mom says those people got punished by the law for what they did to me and I’m glad that makes her happy, but I really don’t even think about it now. All I know is that I have a pack who loves me, plenty to eat, a great yard to play and run in, and tons of love from everyone who meets me. Best of all, I get to sleep in bed with Mom at night. I go and snuggle real close to Mom and squeeze myself under the covers by her and get really toasty…
Lots of stuff is different here than I ever knew before. Even though I love being dirty like most terriers, Mom gives me baths when I get too stinky. I HATE baths! But, oh boy, I LOVE the way it feels after the bath. I get all “crackie dog” as Mom says and run up and down the hall and through the house, grinning and panting and slipping and sliding and having a great time. I peep at Mom while I’m doing this to make sure she sees how funny I am… Mom always gives me a treat after a bath for being such a silly girl.

Sometimes Mom puts things on us to “celebrate” holidays. Here I am in my Halloween costume, which made everybody laugh out loud. Mom says I’m a real hot dog myself now, so my outfit was perfect.  I didn’t really mind it; I was just wishing she would hurry up with lunch, so I ran around and around in it.

10BlazeSo, everyone, my life is pretty darn great these days and I just wanted you to know.  I’ve gotten so speedy that Mom has a hard time keeping me from jumping off the furniture or running down the steps. I’m not supposed to do stuff like that because I might injure my fragile jaw. When she does catch me I squirm like crazy because I want to just run, run, run!

Most of all, I want to thank you for all your prayers, powerful thoughts and good wishes, but mostly for the donations you made to American Fox Terrier Rescue, because YOU saved my life last year and I want you to see that I’m making the most of every single day!

Mom says that if you want to be truly inspired by how much you helped me, you should read the whole story of my rescue on by clicking on my name on the left menu section and reading all the stories there.  My name has its own whole section on the American Fox Terrier website because so much went into saving my life.  The stories detail the long ordeal of my illness and recovery and is really heartwarming…

12BlazeMom asks that this holiday season, you remember all the other fox terriers like me who will need your help and that you please open your hearts and donate to American Fox Terrier Rescue so they can continue their great work and create even more miracles like me, Blaze, The Miracle Girl! I’m living proof that a little love and generosity can accomplish great and wonderful things.

Please donate to American Fox Terrier Rescue to help other beautiful dogs like me!

Kisses, licks and love from
Blazie (and my adoring Mom, Holly Knight)

2NancyP.S. Mom wanted me to tell you that she’s sorry she hasn’t posted an update about how terrific I am doing for a while. Things have been difficult for her while she was nursing my sister, Nancy,  who was sick for a long time and went over the Rainbow Bridge on December 3rd . Also, poor Mom was devastated to learn just one week later that my brother, Moose, who is almost 15 now, has a tumor growing from his heart and another large mass on his spleen. Moose goes back to the specialist on January 2nd, so we have to wait to see what can be done. We all love him so much – he’s funny and goofy and makes us laugh and feel happy, and his tail never stops wagging. (But he does try to eat my food if I don’t watch out). Mom needs some powerful prayers and good thoughts for Moosie right now if you can spare them, please.

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