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UPDATE: Blaze's Latest Vet Report

UPDATE NOVEMBER 16, 2011 - BLAZE’S Latest Vet Report: (as always, click on any image for a larger view):New_Collar

The Miracle Girl Does It Again!

Once more, I bow to the Power of Blazie, the Miracle Girl. After all my fears and anxiety, she’s beat the odds again!

Today was her one month from oral surgery check-up. I’m thrilled to report that Dr. Angela Mees says that both upper fistulas remain closed and are healing well. After all she’s been through, this is terrific news and such a huge relief. Dr. Mees admitted that even she was surprised Blaze has done so well. She cautions that the healing is not complete so we have to keep a close eye on it, but right now things look great.

Dr. Mees says the ongoing nasal congestion is likely chronic from the years and years of infection in her mouth and that it can be managed with saline drops or antibiotics if it worsens. Blaze’s right nostril (on the side where the open wound was) is the problem side – the other side is fine.

The other night while I was watching Blazie wheezing while she slept, it occurred to me that I’d seen something women with babies use: a little bulb thing, like a tiny little turkey baster, that they use to suck out kids’ noses. I have no baby experience but I thought that thing might work, so I bought one at the drugstore and, sure enough, it works like a charm. Blaze didn’t much like the process to begin with, but now she’s gotten used to it and I think she realizes that it helps her breathe better to get that stuff out, so she lets me do it with just a token struggle.

There’s a great pet boutique two doors down from Dr. Mees so we went in to get a pretty new collar to celebrate. Blazie trotted right in, went straight to the girl working there and wagged her tail. Of course she got some tasty treats for being so cute. It’s a neat place called Top Dogs and Blaze had a ball going around sniffing all the stuff on her level. They have an amazing selection of everything dog/cat you can imagine. We got two new collars: this one is her pink princess collar with diamonds. They gave us free samples of canned food, and some special treats, and Blaze got lots of petting and compliments.

We go back to Dr. Mees for another check-up in a month and we’re hoping for continued good reports. Today everything is just wonderful and Blazie’s star is still shining bright!



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