Monday, August 02, 2021

BLAZE'S Best News! Test Results

UPDATE OCTOBER 6, 2011: (as always, click on any image for a larger view)


First, Blaze’s tumor was NOT cancer, just a huge, long neglected lipoma (fatty tumor). It was horrible and heavy and probably painful to her, but really never life threatening until recent months when she was so sick she could barely drag it around.

A visit to a veterinarian long before would have confirmed this. A visit to a veterinarian long before would also have prevented the constant agony she suffered in her mouth due to the tumor and bad teeth, but since her owner decided “she was gonna die anyway” nothing was done for her. I will not spoil this beautiful  day when I’ve gotten fabulous news for both my girls by saying what needs to happen to Blazie’s previous owner. Ladies don’t use that kind of language, anyway. (but sometimes I forget..)

So, I’m frantic with work and can’t figure out how to rob Peter to pay Paul again this month, and the endless crap of ordinary life still goes on, but today, ladies and gentlemen, today is a banner day!

I’m not so arrogant to think that I have made any of this happen. Blaze survives and is cancer free because that is what was meant to be. Nancy survives and is cancer free because that was also meant to be. (To read Nancy's story, click here:  Nancy's Story)  Things may change later, and I know neither of them will live forever, but for now all I can do is say thank you so much. Thank all of you who have continued to pray, send your love and encouragement and good wishes. WHATEVER IT IS, IT WORKS!!!

Thank you most of all for your generous donations. In this economy it’s difficult for people to respond the way they would ordinarily do – that so many of you sent something is just so remarkable and heartwarming to me.

I have to travel next week again, but Blazie will come home with me to recuperate when I get home on Thursday. Dr. Brandley will take her stitches out Tuesday or Wednesday. She will need to stay on the probiotics for a while, but will not need antibiotics or any other meds after that. In the following weeks, we will do our best here at Camp Holly to pack some more weight on her – she was up to 12.2 today! – and get her interacting in a real home life.

In the meantime, Blaze and Nancy send happy foxie kisses to all of you – honestly, I know your caring made this happen, each and every one of you.


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