Monday, August 02, 2021

UPDATE: Blaze: 10-03-11 Visit

UPDATE OCTOBER 3, 2011: (as always, click on any image for a larger view)

Dirty_nose1Terry and I saw Blaze on Saturday and she was moving around fine, as you could see in the videos.Happy to gobble all the treats we gave her, wanting to go out. Pretty amazing.

Today, she has made such astounding progress that she is, once again, like a different dog. When Jo brought her out to me, she ran toward me wagging! The nearly dead little animal who could barely walk when I first saw her in August actually jumped up on me today! She started smelling me and looking up into my face like, “where’s the treats, where’s the treats!?” then she pulled me out the front door for our walk.

Today, I believe for the first time that she’s going to make it. I hope none of you think I have no faith or optimism – if it seems that way, it’s only because I saw her at the worst she could be and still be alive. And I’ve seen her almost every day since then, through two major surgeries and a long ordeal to gain weight. I’ve been continually surprised by her strength and will to live and her sheer terrier toughness. And I’ve always had hope – mountains of hope – but have never really felt sure. Today I do. Today, she’s engaged, she’s wagging, she’s pulling on her leash, hopping on her back legs. Kissing my face, pushing her head into my hand for an ear rub.


I have not spoken to Dr. Brandley yet, but Blazie’s Fentanyl patch is off and the drain is out. Her wound is clean and healing well. And she feels great! When we came back in from outside, Jo put her on the scale. She weighs 11.2 lbs. today, and this is another tremendous milestone. When she came into the clinic she weighed just under 10 lbs. and a pound and half of that was the tumor. She’s eating like a lumberjack, as you can tell from the food caked on her nose…

Sorry these are not better photos! She was so busy outside that I could barely get decent pictures of her, even with Jo’s help. She just can’t be still now, wants to run and explore and do things – just like a terrier should.

Today I saw Blaze be truly joyful for the first time. What a gift.

I wish you all could see it, too, I really do, because your prayers, your powerful thoughts, your encouragement, your kind messages, and especially your donations are what have made this possible. Thank you, thank you for Blaze’s joy. She returns it in kind, I promise.



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