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UPDATE: Blaze: Post-surgery Visit

UPDATE SEPTTEMBER 30, 2011: (as always, click on any image for a larger view)chow_hound

Noon Visit:

OMG.They brought her to me in one of the exam rooms because she’s not supposed to be running around outside. She came in pulling at the leash and raring to go. I lost it for a minute when I saw her – she’s a mess, legs and tail and lower body dirty with stuff from the drainage tube in her lower abdomen. And the scar is … well...horrendous.

It starts at her upper right side, then goes in a curve all the way down almost to her girlie parts. The drain is at the lower end and is still dripping bloody fluid.

Does Blazie care about this big old scar? Not much. She’s high as a kite on her Fentanyl patch and the oral pain meds, and the minute she saw me and the treat bag, she started hopping around trying to get to me. After several treats she started doing the circling thing which means gotta go, so Andrew carried her outside. She had a nice long pee, then started sniffing me for the treats again.


She also has a wound – like a deep scratch -- across the top of her nose where the wire from her jaw was removed, and that seems to bother her more than anything else – she tried to scratch her nose on my jeans when they took the cone off her head. But overall, she seems to feel pretty good! Techs laughed and said you’d feel good, too, if you had this many drugs on board (I wish). The key now is to keep her from doing anything that will open her stitches up, so she can’t be running around in the yard like she wants to, has to be carried in and outside.


I got to feed her lunch – she gets huge meals 3 times a day and today her appetite was just as enthusiastic as it always is – like nothing had even happened  yesterday. She ate a whole bowl of food (licked the bowl), and uncounted number of gummy treats. She has to have a stiff cone because she had figured out how to scratch her nose over the soft sided one, and I know she hates the thing – should’ve seen her face when they put it back on after she ate.

Then they made me leave because she needs to be in her cage to rest and not get excited.

6:30 Visit

When I got there, Blaze was sleeping after eating a huge dinner and going outside to do pee/poop – a poop is a very good thing after surgery they tell me. I had left the video card in my computer so didn’t take pictures of her at noon. I know everyone has been waiting for them, so here they are..

She was a little sleepy and less animated than she was at noon, but delighted to see the treat bag. The open mouth pictures are her chewing away on Buddy’s Peanut Butter Biscuits. They smell horrible, so I’ll just take Blaze’s word that they’re really delicious.


I wish everyone could see the devotion to Blaze at this clinic, especially Anthony, Andrew and Maria, who totally adores her. Maria spent the afternoon (off and on) actually sitting with Blaze in the cage today. This kind of caring is not something money can buy and I am so moved by it. Blazie is almost unrecognizable from the pathetic creature she was when I first saw her almost two months ago. She knows and loves her caregivers and loves her BFF, fat cat Elliott.

I’m so grateful to everyone who has sent prayers, powerful thoughts and money -- especially to all of you who have continued to follow Blazie’s progress every day on Facebook and on the American Fox Terrier Rescue website. She is such a shining example of terrier spirit and will power. I am awed by her strength, humbled by her stoicism and honored by her affection.

Next few days will be tough recovery days but I think she’ll do well. Terry is going with me to visit her tomorrow and take treats to the staff.. I’ll send more pictures.


This is "PD"  He is the Guardian Angel who we know is watching over Blaze and Holly.
He is with Holly every day giving her strength in her heart.
And he is with Blaze, guiding her back to health and life filled with joy.


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