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UPDATE: Blaze: Countdown to Surgery

UPDATE SEPTTEMBER 27, 2011: (as always, click on any image for a larger view)Hi_yall

Blaze came running to greet me for our visit today! I don’t know if she’s learned that I have great treats or if she just wants to go outside – she LOVES to go outside. But seeing her run is worth everything.

Check out the American Fox Terrier Rescue Facebook site for the video of Blaze going after her bag of treats last Saturday!  It's guarenteed to make you laugh at this little girl!

Even though I see her almost every day, I still can’t believe the changes in her. She’s much more tuned in, interested in people, and especially other dogs. While I was there, a guy came in with a Mastiff – like Fang, the dog in Harry Potter. He was very sweet, very gentle, and absolutely huge. Blazie walked right up and sniffed him, wagging all the while. He liked her, too. You should have seen them standing there together – Tiny and Tremendous. Adorable.

Blazie is really acting like a terrier now, not a death camp refugee. She pulls on her leash to go in the direction she wants and definitely has an agenda of her own. Jenn tells me that she and Elliott, the big fat black kennel cat, have become best friends and greet each other regularly throughout the day. Elliott reaches his arm into her cage to touch her, she reaches hers back out to touch him. At 15+ lbs., he’s bigger than she is and everybody thinks this is very cute.

After our walk and probably too many gummy dog treats, I had a consultation with Dr. Brandley. Everything is "Go" for Blaze’s surgery to remove the tumor on her belly on Thursday. When I saw Blaze last Saturday, she had a “cone of shame” on her head – apparently, the wire that comes through the top of her nose to stabilize her jaw had been itching or bothering her, so she had been scratching at it. Dr. Brandley adjusted it on Monday and took the plastic tip off which seems to have helped. She says that she’s going to get a good look in Blaze’s mouth while she’s under on Thursday to see how the jaw and gum flaps are healing. If it’s healed enough, she’ll remove the wire, which I know will be a big relief.

So now we begin the count down to the tumor surgery. Dr. Brandley says Blaze will probably go in around 11. She measured the tumor yesterday and it has grown since Blaze came in – but she is optimistic about being able to get it off successfully.

As usual, I’m freaking out!! But I know we’re doing the right thing for this darling little girl and hoping with my whole heart that this next surgery is a simple thing with easy recovery that will make a huge difference in her mobility, her overall health, and her total terrier joie de vivre.

Again, I thank you all for your emails, Facebook postings, prayers, thoughts, cards, calls - and for the tremedous outpouring of financial support for Blaze. Rescue is absolutely a team effort and I know the love and caring that so many people have sent to Blaze is truly making a difference. It’s the Power of Love, plain and simple.

Think of us on Thursday,


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