Friday, August 14, 2020

UPDATE: Blaze Progress Report

UPDATE SEPTTEMBER 14, 2011: (as always, click on any image for a larger view)

Blaze2Just spoke to the clinic tech. Blazie continues to eat with enthusiasm and her mouth is healing well. Will talk to her doc later in the day for the full medical update -- and I'll go visit her myself as soon as I can (darn job gets in my way) :-) Thank you, thank you everyone for your love, prayers, concern and especially for the money you've sent. Keep powerful thoughts coming -- biopsies should be back on Friday.

(Further update, later in afternoon): Just back from my mid day visit to Blaze. She walked around and did her "business", then sat in my lap for awhile. Loves her ears and neck scratched. She ate her lunch with typical gusto. When she was done, she simply popped out of her cage and went off down the hall, requiring Chris to chase after her. After her face was washed, she made herself a little nest and got ready for her nap. I'm so impressed with her resilience. The catheter is out of her leg, her mouth is healing well and she shows no signs of being in pain.  Tomorrow will be one week out from her surgery,  and am hoping that date will be marked by good news on the biopsies.  We’re still one day at a time here, but so far our days have been very good!

Thank you to everyone who has sent love, messages and prayers – and especially for the wonderful donations.


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