Monday, August 02, 2021

UPDATE: Blaze Surgery Update

UPDATE SEPTTEMBER 9, 2011:  Blaze went into surgery at 11am and the two surgeons didn't finish until after 3pm.

As they had suspected the mouth tumor had disintegrated her jawbone and palate, so they had to "create" some gum flaps and wire her jaw together. She was coming out of the anethesia well when they called with the update.


The next hurdle will the next two days. She must be able to be fed and digest as she is so fragile, she cannnot lose any weight. A feeding tube has been ruled out. The vet said she cried when they first got in her mouth and that Blaze must "have been in agony". They pulled most of her teeth but kept the canines.

She has pain patches on now and we have been promised she is well medicated. All we can do right now is to focus on her eating and hope that terrier spirit is strong enough.

Thank you for all your thoughts and I'll let you know how she is tomorrow.
Terry in Atlanta


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