Monday, August 02, 2021

EMERGENCY: Blaze Needs Your Help

Maybe Blaze had a nice life a long time ago, but by the time a caring neighbor called in an anonymous tip about a dying dog, she was starving and in terrible pain. The Atlanta animal cruelty officer asked her owners why they had not provided the dog with any medical care for the tumor hanging from her belly (which nearly touched the ground) and the open wound on her face. Their response was that “she was gonna die anyway."

He immediately rushed her to the local county shelter for urgent care. American Fox Terrier Rescue had just pulled another pure Smooth Fox Terrier from the same shelter a few weeks before and they knew to contact us right away. One of our volunteers, Holly Knight, wasted no time in pulling her and getting Blaze to her vet.

She only weighed 10 lbs. and 2 of that was the huge hanging tumor. The tiny 8 lb. dog was emaciated and was bleeding from the mouth. She had a golf ball size tumor in her mouth and her teeth had blackened from an infection. The wonderful vet and staff at Ansley Animal Clinic got her started on some strong antibiotics, IV fluids and pain medication. She licked those hands that cared for her and they resolved to help her get well.

Holly visits her every day … not crying as hard as that first terrible day. Ten days later, she has gained a half pound and has started showing her Terrier spirit … tugging on the leash and wanting to socialize with other dogs. She is scheduled for surgery in the next few days and, though we don’t know what the prognosis will be, we know that she has a chance - a chance to get well, a chance to be pain free, and a chance to maybe have a good life.

She deserves that chance.

Won’t you help Blaze by donating any amount to help us cover her surgeries?

We will post updates on her condition so you’ll know how your dollars have helped.






This is how thin poor Blaze was the day she was brought in.  As you can see, she's skeletal.   Also a shot of her teeth and the mouth abscess/tumor/


This is where the mouth abscess has broken through the skin of her lovely face.  We cannot even fathom the pain and suffering this dog has been though, which makes her tail wags and licks that much more heart wrenching.


The mammary tumor that Blaze has suffered with for (obviously) a very long time.

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