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Sasha is one of the Missouri 11 who stayed a bit closer to home. She made her way to Oklahoma to fostered and turned into a happy pet for a lucky family.


Sasha came into her foster and just seemed to know her old life was over and she did great from the start. She's a sweet girl, not aggressive towards my other dogs, is using the pet door, is healthy and is just a real joy.She was timid around strangers, but not aggressive towards them. Some common household noises would startle her, but she got better with each passing day. She discovered the full length mirror in my bedroom and is fascinated by it. She loves to run and play, and in true wire fashion will see what she can get into!

I gave her a spa day when she got here - bath and a hair cut - and she seemed to know just how pretty she is! She takes a day or two to warm up to folks, but does fine after that. She likes to be picked up and held and will ask for hugs.


After the time we've spent in the past couple of months, Sasha has shown me that she is ready for her own home. She's a wonderful girl. I wish I could keep her, but I know I can't. She's healed completely from her spaying and is just a lovely dog. She likes to play and does typical Wire Fox Terrier things like help me sort the laundry (don't you know that socks are for the yard, not the wash?), take out the trash (I put it in the trash, she takes it out of the trash) and put away the groceries (She likes the cupboards arranged so she can explore the contents). She's a real sweetheart and I'm sure she'll be a wonderful addition to a lucky family.

I don't think a home with young children would be a good choice for her as she is still occasionally startled by household activities, but would do well with older kids and a home that has a male dog. She seems to enjoy the company of other dogs. She comes when called, but is not too fond of the leash yet. She rides well in the car and is better about being shy around strangers, though still a bit timid with new people and places.


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