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Hermann came to us on December 30, 2010. He settled in like a dream and has just been loving life here in Arlington, VA. He was house-broken in just a few days too. We became his "forever home" a few weeks later.






He is just such a joy to be with...curious, smart and affectionate! He also likes to chill on the sofa.


He has moved from being in his crate while I'm at work, with a break at noon, to staying out of his crate all day.  I still come home at lunchtime to let him run around outside and play with him. He even lets me have my lunch! Hermann loves to take walks and is great on the leash...where did he learn to "heel" so naturally???!


Thank you, Celia, this April update on Hermann:

Here's the latest from Hermann, our very own from the MO 11 gang!

Yesterday Hermann was so funny I actually laughed out loud.

After work, I came home and heated up some decaf then went to hang out in the sitting room. Hermann came too and was feeling frisky. We played fetch for awhile with his squeaker monkey but then his attention turned to his BuddyBear. He started wrestling with the bear and shaking the bejeebers out of it. He must have thought he had triumphed over the bear because he tried jumping up onto the love seat holding it by the scruff of its neck. Of course, that meant that the rest of the bear was hanging down in front of the little guy! He fell backwards once but kept the bear in his grip. He tried again from a different angle and this time fell off to the side. I started chuckling then laughing out loud and he stopped dead in his tracks at the sound of my laughing as he was readying for the third go at it. Hermann drop the bear, put his left paw up on the side of the love seat and looking at me with that adorable cocked-head turn of curiosity..."like, so, what's so funny???!!!" He stared at me like that for awhile and I just kept laughing!!! It was just so cute!


PS. We LOVE Hermann!!!! Thanks for all you do!

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