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Zazu, 10 – 12 years old, was surrendered to a family relative to care of in May 2010. In early August 2010, she was surrendered to a local shelter with a report that she’d been recently spayed and in poor physical condition – a tender abdomen, prominent hip bones and backbone, the hair around her eyes so matted and dirty that her corneas were irritated, and severe dental tarter and periodontal disease.  The shelter contacted the vet hospital however they had no record of having spayed Zazu.  They vaccinated and de-wormed her and did a heartworm test which was thankfully negative.

With limited resources to attend to the obvious medical treatment that Zazu needed, the shelter turned to American Fox Terrier Rescue . Our local volunteer went to the shelter on a Sunday and by Monday Zazu was at a first rate vet for assessment and treatment. Blood work, x-rays and a fecal/urine analysis were the first steps to identifying underlying medical conditions. While at the vet clinic, an alert vet technician noticed that Zazu was drinking copious amounts of water in a short time. Zazu’s bloodwork results were all within normal ranges which eliminated numerous diseases including kidney disease however her x-ray revealed an enlarged spleen and pancreas and the excessive water intake may have indicated Cushing’s disease.

Once again Zazu visited the vet with her foster Mom by her side for a day long Cushing’s test.  The results came in negative so another major illness was ruled out.Zazu_2Then an ultrasound was scheduled to eliminate any internal organ disease to her liver and pancreas. And so there was another long day at a vet for a very small, sweet tempered dog that many would have overlooked for adoption. Happily, the ultrasound showed no underlying organ disease.

Finally one more long day at the vet for a dental cleaning and extraction of a diseased molar.


Throughout her stay at her foster home and medical treatment, Zazu remained a sweet tempered, loving Foxie girl. She gained weight and, with a clean bill of health and shiny clean teeth, was ready for a forever home.  Her foster Mom found a wonderful couple who believed that “there’s a little Foxie out there that needs us as much as we need her.”  Zazu’s foster Mom sent photos and talked with them several times a week to update them on Zazu’s progress.  Her prospective family donated the funds for Zazu’s ultrasound.  

Zazu’s medical treatment was made possible by donations to American Fox Terrier Rescue .  Can you help us so we can help the next little Foxie in need? Please donate today.

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